Sunday, July 26, 2009

5 Biblical Leaders I Admire (Besides Jesus)

1. David

The consummate warrior, poet, writer, musician… leader. David is the total package. Visionary, over-comer, flawed, humble. He is a man after God's own heart. I like David because I can relate to him.

2. Moses

It takes a special man to lead over two million griping and complaining people anywhere, much less across a desert, through a sea, and to the mountain of God where Judaism would be born. Whenever I think about people who might not like me for whatever reason, I find comfort in thinking about what Moses' popularity poll must have been along the journey.

3. Nehemiah

From cupbearer, to wall builder, to governor. His is a most unlikely story. Only a true leader can lead what I think is the most ambitious construction project in the Bible and maybe of all time – to rebuild the walls of the city of Jerusalem…in 52 days! So how did you spend your summer break?

4. Boaz

When I think of a man that knows how to treat a woman, and then marry a woman, and then lead her and his family, I think of Boaz. This guy was a true gentleman and he was godly. He is the gold standard for what a woman should look for in a husband.

5. Paul

It takes a leader to be able to admit when he is wrong and change everything about his life in order to be better. Paul is the intellectual warrior of the Bible that was never too good to do anything (including making tents) in order to make ends meet so he could tell people about Jesus. He was willing brave shipwreck and jail in order to lead the early church and to set the standard for what it means to be a Christian leader.

"Lord, may I learn and apply the leadership lessons of YOUR men. Amen."

That's my list - who's on yours?



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Anonymous said...

I like your five but would add Joseph and Daniel to the list b/c I admire their integrity, character and "long suffering." They also exhibit how a gift will make room for you b/c it was their gift of dream interpretation that brought them each before the men of authority.