Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silent Jihad

I have periodically blogged about a serious cultural shift taking place in America: Muslim immigration. There is so much focus today on the radical wing of Islam that seeks to install a Muslim state via Jihad, or holy war. But what "flies under the radar," almost totally ignored by everyone, is what I call the silent invasion of Muslim immigration. Using our laws and our system, Muslims are quietly moving into neighborhoods all over America. Knowing that we operate as a democracy, what will happen to our country should the day arrive that Muslims outnumber all other groups?

That question has been partially answered in Dearborn, Michigan.

Because of legal immigration, Dearborn has become one of the most heavily populated Muslim communities in America. It is estimated that 30,000 of Dearborn's 98,000 citizens are Muslim. One of Dearborn's high schools, Fordson High School, is 80% Muslim and has a Muslim principal, a man named Imad Fadlallah.

Last year, this Muslim principal fired the school's long time wrestling coach, 64 year old Gerald Marszalek. So after a 35 year career of coaching at Fordson High School, this state legend who is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame is not coaching this year. Oh, did I mention that Coach Marszalek is a Christian?

So why was this Christian coach fired by his Muslim principal? The answer is both shocking and disturbing. One of Marszalek's volunteer coaches was a local Christian pastor named Trey Hancock. During a summer wrestling camp that Hancock was conducting, that had nothing to do with the school, Hancock led a Muslim student to faith in Christ and then baptized him.

Because of this faithful act of evangelism, that all Christians are called to, Fadlallah ordered Marszalek to bar Hancock from any association with the wrestling team. This request was impossible to enforce because Hancock's own son is a member of the wrestling team. Fadlallah accused Hancock of using his access to the wrestling team to proselytize students to the Christian faith. Hancock and Marszalek vehemently deny this. The student in question, while a Muslim, was a friend of Hancock's son and had been attending Hancock's church for two years before coming to Christ during the independent wrestling camp last summer.

Because it was impossible to bar this Christian father from association with the public school wrestling team that his Christian son was a part of, a Muslim principal, in turn, fired the Christian coach.

Of course the ACLU has come charging to the defense of Marszalek…oh, wait, no they haven't. BUT the Thomas Moore Law Center has come to Marszalek's aid by way of a federal lawsuit.

Separation of Church and State? Not in a world where Muslims are the majority. That's the way it is in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, and even now in America…at least in the corner of America known as Dearborn, Michigan.



Michael said...

As a former member of GABC I keep up with your blog and agree with a lot of it. But, using your logic of one bad example from a religion can be used against everyone from that relgion - since Darryl Gillyard molested young girls, does that mean you are? You are using the same pulpit he used.

Not trying to offend you, but you see my point?

Jeff Crawford said...

No offense taken, Michael -
Islam has as one of it's tenants global domination. So this is not simply an issue of "one bad example." The point of my blog is to point out that as soon as Islam takes hold in a community or nation that it becomes exclusive and intolerant of all other religions and viewpoints. The Dearborn situation bears this out as a case example in America.

The cultural shift of peaceful Islamic immigration is one that we as a nation in general and Christians specifically should take great notice of.

Thanks for following the blog and taking time to comment!

Bless you,

AD said...
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AD said...

Well guys, I am not racist, but after watching the following video - I can never trust a muslim again:

The 3-stages of Jihad:

You mention how because of the immigration laws the muslims have formed 50% of the population. Its no coincidence:

- Islam has a clear agenda (mentioned in its holy book Quaran) of World-Domination. Its no secret...
- Literally every country they have been to has been dominated in a few decades

1. Iran became 100% muslim in 15 years
2. Iraq became 100% muslim in 17 years
3. Egypt became 100% muslim in 21 years

Now here are some recent stats:
1. In Britain Muslim population rose from about 82,000 in 1961 to 553,000 in 1981 to 2 million in 2000
2. The number of Muslims in the U.K. climbed by half a million between 2004 and 2008 alone—a rate of growth ten times that of the rest of that country's population
3. In pakistan the population of minorities has reduced from 10% to 1.5% (we in India constantly hear horror stories of forced conversions, girls getting kidnapped & married to muslims etc)

The only country where they have not succeeded is India - where they ruled for 800 years and yet could not completely Islamize it (hindus are still in majority). Although they are still trying - it is an open secret in India that they try to have as many kids as they can - so as to increase the muslim population and come into majority in a couple of decades.

There are hundreds of horror stories of attrocities, torture, beheading and killings of hindus for converting to Islam (documented historical stuff) during their rule in India. Indian holy literature were burnt & banned. Holy men arrested, tortured, executed. Kings & territories invaded. And yet they could not completely succeed in Islamizing India.

Osama Bin Laden is said to have remarked that 'India is an unfinished chapter in the history of Islam'

I am anything but a racist. I used to be so open minded that I used to say - if Quaran teaches jihad (to kill non-believers) I wouldn't mind getting killed - because who am I to say 'it is wrong'.

But now, I feel that their religion is 'pure evil'- it is a religion of anti-christ.

I am reminded of two prophecies I had heard somewhere:

1. (I think) The bible predicts there will be a religion that will be the last to come & the 1st to go (from this world), and that will be the religion of anti-christ (which points to islam)
2. Another prediction points at Muhammad as being Satan himself - somebody who will pretend to be a Godman and lead men in the wrong path - but in fact be evil-incarnate

Forget racism and spread the alarm openly & blatantly. Its not racism to protect your own country/nation/religion.