Monday, December 21, 2009

Three More Days

It's three days until Christmas and it is officially a MAD-House out "there." The exits to all the shopping districts are backed up onto the Interstate. Rogers Avenue is moving at a snail's pace and cops have been called in to get people in and out of the new Fort Smith Pavilion. Woe to anyone who still has to get out in this mess to do their Christmas shopping. This is exactly what I was thinking until my wife reminded me that I need to make one more trip to Petco to get a certain something for one of my kids. Ugh… So I guess I should say, "Woe is me!"

But it could be much worse I have decided. In fact, I have decided to be thankful. I am thankful for the means to acquire that certain something for one of my kids. I am thankful that I will be able to see a great big smile and hear squeals of excitement when the certain something is revealed. I am thankful that my children and wife are healthy. As a pastor I see a tremendous amount of suffering and I know the pain of so many during this holiday season. As I pray daily for them I am at the same time thankful that God has seen fit to let the hand of that kind of pain pass my family by this Christmas season. I also know it may not always be that way and I am thankful that God will sustain me in the future no matter what may come. I am thankful that I am able to pastor an incredible family of believers. I love my church. My wife loves our church. My kids LOVE our church. I am thankful my family loves my church. I am thankful that my church sent me to Africa on mission this past year. That trip alone has made me more thankful in more ways than I can even begin to write about here.

Yes, I am a thankful man this Christmas. But as I think about the center of my thankfulness it is clear that it all goes back to Jesus. He is the center. Jesus is Christmas.

I hope and pray that as you negotiate these final days before Christmas that you too can find yourself thankful.

I'm gonna cut this one short and go watch some Monday Night Football (something else I'm thankful for!). I also just remembered I need to go to WALMART tomorrow to take my daughter shopping. If you have to go to Walmart anytime in the next three days here's a hint…go early in the morning…like real early…


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