Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of the things I LOVE about my Kindle are the FREE books that are available for download. And I mean good free books. Every couple of weeks, will release a cohort of titles that you can "purchase" for free for a period of time. Even the Christian book market is involved with Zondervan, Tyndale, and others on board.

A few weeks ago a series of books by Don Brown were made available. I snagged them all and after reading the first one, Treason, I can tell you I would have paid good money for it.

While Treason is just an overall good read, it is also a sobering and prophetic look at the infiltration of radical Islam into American culture. Specifically, Treason deals with the issue of radical Muslims who intentional worm their way into our military for the sole purpose of committing acts of terrorism.

Sound familiar? Can we say Fort Hood and MAJOR Nidal Hasan? The book even goes on to deal with the tactic of radical Islam to use our own laws and court system against us. Hmmm… how about civilian trials in New York City for the 9/11 conspirators? But what makes Treason so sobering is that it was written in 2005. That's right, it was written FOUR years ago.

Is anybody paying attention?

Treason is a GOOD book, about a BAD issue which is, unfortunately, an UGLY reality for us today.


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