Monday, February 8, 2010

The Tebow Ad // The Day After

So what was all the fuss about? The Super Bowl came. The Tim Tebow ad aired. And the Saints went marching on. To be honest I was underwhelmed by the Tebow ad. But then again, could any ad have lived up to the hype. And to be fair the hype was not built by anybody at Focus on the Family, but by everybody else. So I have a few thoughts after finally seeing the ad myself:

  • It was an excellent ad. It made me feel good and smile. It was classy and light. Not deep, heavy or “serious” in tone.
  • The ad carried two printed phrases at the end: Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life. WHO could be opposed to that message??! Very biblically based.
  • The pro-abortion crowd made this a big deal. Had they kept quiet the ad would have come and gone without much fanfare.
  • As a result of a very vocal pro-abortion voice, the Tebow ad in some ways actually overshadowed the Super Bowl itself (at least the build up to the Super Bowl) and in turn gave Focus on the Family MILLIONS of more dollars of exposure that went way beyond the 30 seconds they purchased in the Super Bowl. This ended up being advertising money WELL spent. Thank you to the pro-abortion crowd.

I have heard that some people are upset because they believe the ad promotes abuse against women because Tebow “tackles” his mom. Wow…I’m not even going there.

Some people just don’t want to be happy. Others want to truly Celebrate Family and Celebrate Life.

What do you think?




RobertM said...

Abuse against women?? Ha!

Okay, howa bout the #1 rated candy bar ad with Betty White and that old guy getting tackled? Was that promoting abuse against yesterday’s TV icons? Whatta bout the one where the kid slaps the guy and tells him to not touch his Doritos or his mama? Was that promoting disrespect among children? Nah, the Superbowl is alla bout funny, in yer face ads.

The closest commercial to offense was the elderly 1985 Superbowl Shuffle stars being made to embarrass their geriatric selves in front of America.

Nana said...

I heard from Charlie (staff at FBCS) that one person paid for T-Bows add so was not money coming from FOF budget.
Blessing to you, miss your preaching.

JMart said...

Hi, Jeff, I enjoyed chatting with you at Lunch With the Pastor this Sunday.

I agree that it was an excellent ad. I appreciate just about any humor that doesn't require vulgarity or cramming as many "4-letter words" as possible into every sentence.

I read that Focus on the Family had 40 times more traffic to their website after the ad ran, so hopefully people are finding out for themselves what they stand for, not just listening to all the negative media.

Anonymous said...

well these days if tebow's apart of it someone is going to get jealous, or make it bigger than it is...I see facebook comments dogging Tebow all the time. Personally I like him, the comments get on my nerves, and I pray that God keeps him humble knowing that he needs the Lord in light of the fame he receives via media.

Melinda said...

I laughed at the ad. I related about how fun rough housing was when my son was growing up. Now 33 and living 700 miles away I wouldn't mind a chance to tackle him for old times sake.

Anonymous said...

Great ad.
No secret why people can't tell a good ad that's fun from abuse.
They walk a wide road where they blindly accept everything thrown at them. Then they present themselves as judge of all worldly things.