Wednesday, April 21, 2010

90.7 FM: Christian or Cult?

I was recently contacted by a church member regarding a “new” radio station in Fort Smith, 90.7 FM. At first listen, it appears to be another Christian radio station. But that is not the case at all. They bill themselves as the Family Radio station but in fact, the group running the station is a cult. Check out their website when you get the chance ( and you will see clearly an end of the world prediction for May 21, 2011. Hmmm….

After doing a bit more digging via my good friend James Walker (, I was able to definitely peg this group as a cult. Founded in 1958 by Harold Camping, this group is based out of Oakland, California. Family Radio claims that the church age came to an end in 1988 and that since that time Satan has been slowly taking over the church; thus, all churches today are now satanic. From 1988-1994 they teach that no one was saved, but that in 1994 God began saving people again. But people are not saved through the ministry of a local church preaching Jesus, but through Family Radio. They interpret the Bible allegorically, which essentially gives them license to make the Bible say what they want it to say.

According to Family Radio/Camping, the Bible declared that the world would end in 1994. When the world did not end in 1994, they amended what they believed the Bible to be saying and came up with the new date for the end of the world of May 21, 2011. Family Radio/Camping preach that without a doubt the world WILL end in 2011. So…what happens if we wake up on May 22? Well, as is the nature of a cult, they are ready. Says Camping, “If the world is still in existence after the end of 2011, we will know that there is still much more we can learn from the Bible.” This may be the one statement of Camping I can actually endorse! In fact, there is MUCH more we can learn from the Bible today. Just not via Family Radio, Harold Camping, or 90.7 FM.


Gina said...

I have to say I'm very curious as to what led your member to have you check it out? Was it something they heard? I know I've heard the channel on my trips down that way.
I'd never heard of Camping but those are some major cult markers there!

Thanks for sharing

Melinda at OCBC said...
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Melinda at OCBC said...

really, that group looks legit till you scroll down and see the date of Judgement. I almost laughed. But I didn't because a different date is on my mind as my husband took a CT scan today for cancer.

Jeff Crawford said...

Gina - I THINK they just landed on the station, thought it was Christian, heard some "unusual" claims and then decided to contact me, their pastor, to see if I new of the station. I spent some time yesterday listening to that station while driving around and around 2:20 Camping took a break from the music and began a lengthy monologue on the end of the world coming on May 21, 2011. Yep...definitely a cult.