Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Proof that the SBC is Changing

Need proof that it’s a new day in the Southern Baptist Convention? Check out this motion offered by Joshua Shank affirming the work of Acts 29 in helping Southern Baptists plant churches. This is probably the most unique motion ever offered at the SBC and certainly the first time a motion has been offered in the form of a rap.

Don’t be fooled by the form of the motion, Shank is a church planter in Youngstown, Ohio, and a serious follower of Christ. He has also done some great graphic work for Baptist21 through Plant Boxx.

Kudos to Shank for the motion. Kudos to Acts 29 and their work with church planting. And kudos to the SBC for a platform where the likes of both can be recognized. This ain’t your mama’s SBC anymore!

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