Sunday, July 25, 2010

Keith Green 28|28|28

I become a Christian in 1984. Shortly after making Jesus the center of my life I was moved to make Jesus music the center of what I listened to on my cassette player:) There weren’t a lot of Christian music choices in 1984 but I quickly found the music of Keith Green and was moved to a deeper level of worship because of his talent and ministry. Keith was way, way, way ahead of the curve in terms of contemporary Christian music in the late 70s and early 80s. Unfortunately, by the time I found Keith Green he was already gone, having died in a plane crash two years earlier with two of his children. Keith’s death was such a tragedy and in some ways amplifies the music he left behind. Even today I listen to my itunes playlist of Keith and am still moved in ways that other music on flirts with. Keith left behind his wife, Melody, and two other children, one of whom was still in the womb at the time of his death. I imagine that perhaps Keith was so utterly good, and pure, and gifted that God wanted him in heaven writing and performing before the throne of the King in person.

On Wednesday a very special musical tribute to Keith’s life, ministry and music will be held via live web cast. July 28, 2010 will mark the 28th anniversary of Keith Green’s death. He was 28.

If you were born in the 80s or later there is a good chance you’ve never even heard of Keith Green. That is a shame. I encourage you to take time this week to find and listen to some of his music. It will bless you. I will be posting on this blog various musical and video clips.

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