Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When Sacred Meet Secular

On November 17th, I posted to this blog a video of a secular opera company in Philadelphia singing the Hallelujah Chorus in Macy's. The event, which caught shoppers off guard, was dubbed A Random Act of Culture. I was more interested in the event as an example of what can happen when the sacred invades the secular. I also suggested that this is the kind of stuff the church ought to be involved in, not just secular organizations.

Well, I have run across another example of sacred meeting secular, and once again outside the influence of the church. This is a video of comedian Steve Harvey performing before a huge secular audience. He is not a preacher and this is not a church. But if you close your eyes you would never know it.

Enjoy... and once again, the church is challenged...

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Luke said...

That's quite an awesome introduction. =D I just went and read up on some of testimony to how he went from "Kings of Comedy" to being a Christian. It's pretty awesome.