Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Blog Has Moved

To continue following this blog, please update your Bookmark and RSS feed to: http://www.JeffCraw4d.wordpress.com.

You can always access the latest blog posts via: www.JeffCrawford.me

Thanks for reading!


A Child at Heart said...

Hi! I tried to add the RSS for your new location, but My Yahoo says, "Please enter a valid URL and try again." I've tried several times but can't get it to work.

Jeff Crawford said...

Be sure you put in the FULL URL: http://www.jeffcraw4d.wordpress.com

I've tested this and it works on my computer. Make sure it has http:// on the front end and do NOT use the jeffcrawford.me address for a feed - that address is a redirect.

Hope that helps and thanks for reading all the way from Hungary!