Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Would Jesus Twitter?

OK, so my youth guy convinced me to join the Twitter nation a couple of weeks ago. It's not that I resist new technologies, I was just not convinced that that many people cared what I was doing every minute of every day. Do I really want to know when Aaron Rodgers (NOT the football player) blows his nose or changes his kid's diaper?! But alas, I caved and began Tweeting on Nov. 5th.

I know have 37 Tweets, I am following 13 people, and I have 39 followers of my own. Not really stellar numbers, but hey, we're only 13 days into this thing, right?

But this Twitter business got me to thinking? If Jesus were among us today, would he Tweet? (I know, it almost sounds blasphemous:)

The whole idea behind Twitter is social connection. It is the next link in the evolutionary change of > email > texting >MySpace >Facebook >Twitter.

Here's the thing… you only follow the people you really care about or that you think will have something significant to say into your life.

We've been doing a lot of work at Grand with Discipleship in recent weeks. In fact, it has become a major focus of everything we are doing. So what is a disciple? Isn't a disciple, by definition, a follower?

Jesus had 12 followers, 12 disciples. The idea of followership is that you walk as closely as you can with your leader. You eat, sleep, literally walk with, listen to, the one who disciples you.

So, yes, I do believe that if Jesus had chosen to come during our generation, that he would have indeed joined the Twitter nation too. Twitter would have been ONE tool that Jesus would have used to disciple those who followed him. I think you might be able to say that Jesus even originated the concept of Twitter!

So who do you follow? Who have you given permission to speak into your life? Who do you disciple? Are you a follower of Jesus?

Tweeted Blessings,


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Kristen Rodgers said...

This is an AWESOME point, Jeff. I actually just read this aloud to some of my family members who always tease Aaron for his "tweeting." They had a changed heart. Ha! :)