Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What To Watch For In 2010 (and beyond)…

I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet. I am, however, watching closely as a new decade begins at midnight tonight. Here's my short list of things that Christians need to watch for:

1. The continued growth of radical Islam in America. Attacks on this country from without and from within will continue and increase. This is a religious war. Our government had better figure this out or we will never know how to fight.

2. Human life will be under an assault in America like we have never seen. Our nation has already declared that we do not value life on the front end, and we are now moving quickly to devalue life on the back end. If you're not in the middle, you are on the chopping block. Whose fault is it? Our own. No man or woman makes it to elected office without the vote of the people. Watch for the advent of public tax dollars used to end human life.

3. The issue of gay clergy will become "the line in the sand" for Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Episcopals. We will see the great mainline denominations of our country split and we will see a resurgence of orthodox Christianity reborn in newly formed denominations. Watch carefully as homosexuality is mainstreamed in what were once unimaginable ways and watch as churches that preach biblical truth on homosexuality are labeled as hate mongers.

4. Watch as Russia and Iran make aggressive moves to destroy Israel. The key is Ezekiel 38. We will see a global coalition rise and move to overthrow Israel. The United States will make no move to stop this. The goal will be energy and fossil fuels for the Russians, it will be Jihad for the Islamasists.

5. Watch as the Church in China, Africa, South America, and all over Asia explodes in growth. Christianity will grow in ways never before seen in human history. This will be exciting! Get on board with missions or get left behind.

6. The Church in America will experience a weeding out of nominal Christians (those who are faking it). As a result, the Church will emerge stronger and more effective than in many generations. It will be addition by subtraction. God is on the move in America and people of faith will rise up as persecution comes down. In the end, the Church will GROW!

7. Jesus will return. Okay, I'm just kidding about that one. No man knows the day or the hour! But in the interest of having a seventh point, I will say that you should watch for end of time doomsayers. Every decade has these people who are convinced the world will end and are bold enough to give the date. This is nothing new but certainly interesting to watch.

Happy New Year / New Decade Blessings!

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Aaron Decker said...

Come on Jeff, we all know that Jesus is coming back in 2012...haven't you heard?!?! haha jk! Have a great and blessed New Year!