Monday, January 4, 2010

The Temple Challenge

Yesterday we launched The Temple Challenge at our church. This 28 day experiment to better health is something all our people are undertaking. The Temple Challenge comes with a devotional for everyday of the challenge plus material on forming new health habits, a list of new habits to employ in your life, a healthy habit calendar, and a "what next" section once The Temple Challenge is completed.

1 Corinthians 6:12-20 is clear that our bodies are Temples to the Holy Spirit. This passage speaks to two major areas of our bodies: internal (what we put in our bodies) and external (what we do with our bodies).

America is unhealthy and our churches are unhealthy. I was blown away when I read the November 2009 report of the United Health Foundation which ranked Arkansas as 40th on the list of unhealthy states and Oklahoma as 49th!

I am under the conviction that Christians ought to be setting the cultural pace when it comes to health. We've been known for our potlucks which have led us to be known for our pot bellies. But we can change this if we are serious. It's a testimony issue. It's a spiritual issue. It's NOT legalism, but it is about brining honor to the God who sits on the Throne of our Temple.

The Temple Challenge is not a cookie cutter program. The church is way too diverse for any "one size fits all" approach. The church is made up of people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and stations of health. That's why The Temple Challenge is designed to be customized for you. The idea is to pick ONE thing you will change about your life to improve your Temple. One thing that will clean things up and bring honor to God.

So as we have now taken the first step across the threshold of a new decade, are you ready to take The Temple Challenge? What one thing will you change about your Temple to bring honor and glory to God?



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darrellkd said...

Dear Jeff:
I can attest to your commitment to improving your physical health. I have seen you ( and your wife) many times either going to or returning from your daily run. I commend you for your dedication.