Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break has hit the River Valley! With a SNOW storm… My oldest is with 45 other teenagers on a mission trip to the urban areas of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We had a time of commissioning yesterday morning during church and then sent them on their way with 7 inches of snow on the ground! Did I say it was “Spring” Break?! You can follow the exploits of the Grand Student Ministry mission trip by following the almost hourly Twitter updates from @AaronRodgers. It’s lots of fun to see the students in action.

Several of our staff are away this week on various trips so I am spending my Spring Break steering the ship. Lots of stuff going on. A tragedy struck one of our great families at Grand last week so I will be working to minister in the midst of great grief. I am also working to “get ahead” on a new teaching series that will begin in April on the letters of 1 and 2 Peter called “Life on Trial.” I am incredibly excited about taking our folks through these books which are perfectly themed for where our culture is now. This series will launch on April 18th. If you do not attend GABC but want to follow along just download the free content each week from the e-library at You can also grab the Podcast from itunes, keyword: Grand Family Church.

Looking out a bit, I am planning on heading back to Africa this summer on mission and this time hoping to take my oldest son with me who turns 16 this summer. Sort of a coming of age kind of trip. I am praying this works out as I know it will change his life and be a powerful memory maker for both of us.

Looking WAY out. Anyone want to go to Israel with me during the summer of 2011?? Hmmm…..

So, LOTS going on… give me a few days and I hope to return with something more profound to say:)

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Kay Dickson said...

It would be a dream come true to get to go to Israel!! Love it!!