Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wrong Side

Our government has made a mistake. We have chosen the wrong side. I am referring to the United States’ decision to condemn the nation of Israel for choosing to build 1,600 new houses for Jews in Ramat Shlomo, a religious settlement within the Israeli-designated borders of Jerusalem. The announcement was made last week while Vice President Joe Biden was visiting Israel. Biden called the announcement, and its timing with his visit, an “insult.” The rhetoric on the side of the U.S. was ratcheted up over the weekend when the Obama administration demanded that Israel halt the building project immediately. All of this has led to a level of tension between the U.S. and Israel that has not been seen in decades.

Israel is showing no signs of backing down and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that "The building of those Jewish neighborhoods in no way hurt the Arabs of east Jerusalem and did not come at their expense."

The Obama administration appears to have chosen to side with the Palestinians. They have chosen to not recognize Israel’s claim on east Jerusalem that Israel won in the 1967 war. The Bible is clear when it comes to the boundaries of Israel, land that God gave to them. Those boundaries actually extend much, much further than what Israel claims for herself today. Israel has tried the land-for-peace approach with its neighbors and it has not worked. Yet its enemies, and it appears now us, want Israel to surrender even more land.

But most frightening of all, the Obama administration does not recognize the biblical promise of God:

Genesis 12:3 (ESV)
I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

History has not been kind to those nations that sided against Israel. And history may not be kind to the United States if we stay on the wrong side.


Matt and Courtney Stewart said...

agreed - enjoyed the post. Thankful that we serve the God who is in control of everything and we know how this is ultimately going to end!

Matt and Courtney Stewart said...

the last comment was posted by Courtney :)

Melinda at OCBC said...

Yep, I'd guess after sending a Bible to Tiger...the Pres gets the next one. Reckon he has a Christian adviser to interpret how God feels about the Jews? Reckon he has a Muslim adviser that tells him it's poppycock? Who knows. Yes, it's scary how our leaders can lead us into oblivion. That's why I turn my eyes upon Jesus.

One Salient Oversight said...

If you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise. - Galatians 3.29

Thus the promise found in Genesis 12.3 finds its fulfilment in the establishment of the church, not in the geographical and political entity known as Israel.

And if God does "punish" those nations who do not side with Israel, what of the fate of the Roman Empire after ancient Israel was destroyed in 70 AD? Sure it collapsed, but it collapsed very slowly and took hundreds of years to do it - hardly the sort of "unkind history" you'd expect from doing the wrong thing and not supporting Israel.

And in the OT God let the Assyrians and Babylonians attack, divide and conquer Israel because Israel chose to rebel against God. Surely by not acknowledging Christ as the Messiah, modern day Israel is at least as guilty as ancient Israel in disobeying God?

Jeff Crawford said...

Great thoughts on this post. Thanks to all for reading and commenting.

One Salient Oversight is correct that Gen. 12:3 finds its ultimate fulfillment in the advent of the Church because of the advent of Jesus. BUT that does not negate God's covenant promise to Israel.

He is also correct that this promise is NOT limited to a geographic political state. BUT the promise was made to God's people - the Jews. And history is FULL of examples of God's curse on any nation that took an anti-Jewish stance.

Rome, after the great fire and subsequent slaughter of Jews, blaming them for the fire. This occurred under Nero and began their freefall as an empire.

Spain, in 1492, after Queen Isaballa issued the Edict of Expulsion for the Jews. Until this time Spain was THE world pace setter in exploration and science. After this Edict they slipped into obscurity and irrelevance as a world power

Germany - no need to comment

Ancient Egypt - after the Exodus they begin to slip in power and are eventually overshadowed by other world powers.

And yes, sometimes the curse is slow in coming but God never forgets - case in point: The Amalekites. After ambushing the Jews in Ex. 17, God pronounced judgment but delivered that judgment 700 years later in 1 Sam. 15.

When you add it all up, examine the historical record, the U.S. is CLEARLY on the wrong side.