Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You May Not Believe This...

A lot of amazing stories come from our Helping Hand ministry. Helping Hand provides food and clothes to over 200 families each month. They also provide counseling, chiropractic, and optometry services as well, all pro bono. The existence of the ministry itself is an amazing story.

But last Thursday something happened that goes beyond belief…unless you really do believe in a God that is actively involved in people’s lives.

A gentleman contacted our Helping Hand office for help. He had just landed a job in town at Mars Petfood and was set to report for work on Monday. He had been out of work a while and his resources were very limited. In order to be allowed to work, he needed a pair of steel-toed boots. He could not afford a pair but he also could not afford to miss this opportunity to work. After calling all over town for help he finally came in contact with Tom who is one of the lead volunteers at Helping Hand. Could we help him get a pair of steel-toed boots so he could go to work on Monday? Now, while we have a very well equipped clothes closet, steel-toed boots are not what you would call a staple for us! Tom, told the gentleman he would check and get back with him. After hanging up, he went to the clothes closet to talk with Kay, our lead volunteer who runs the closet. When they walked into the closet to look, sitting on a table in the middle of the room was a pair of boots. This table is used to process clothing that has not been formally placed in the closet for distribution. Someone had put these boot on that table as a donation. But here’s where it gets “interesting.” No one was around the previous day or even that day to open the closet for a drop-off. In fact, Kay was stumped. She had never seen these boots before and had no idea how they even got there. Further, according to Tom and Kay, we have NEVER had a pair of steel-toed boots donated to the closet, and YES these were, in fact, steel-toed boots. Tom had asked the gentleman what his foot size was. He had said he was a 9 ½ or 10 but his foot tended toward the big side. Yep, you guessed, it, size 10, steel-toed boots, in perfect condition.

Before Tom told me this story, he said he was reluctant and actually had not told anyone yet because he was afraid that nobody would believe him. Well, I did believe him. And I felt compelled to share the story with you this morning.

Atheists love to question the reality of a God by calling for proof. They want to “see” this God in action. I would contend that God is “in action” all around us, everyday. And I would much rather place my faith, care and destiny in a God that can deliver size 10, steel-toed boots than in any other God, or no God at all.


Jay Baker said...

What a testament to faithful...keep up the great work with this ministry!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is an awesome story I received those Holy spirit Goosebumps you get when you are amazed at the way God cares about every little detail of our lives, sometimes we think about the big stuff like him saving our souls from hell and santifying us to know him and forget about all things the clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, and houses over our heads are ultimately gifts from God,

By the way Pastor Jeff, Chadd said you told us Congratulations when he saw you at lifeway, Thank you very much, I still get your Blogs and read them I usually am the annoyomous comment not for fear of people knowing I am chelsea just because I don't have and account I should really create one or start signing my name at the bottom :) Also I am still praying for the Muslim Christian Dialougue and like I said if it was not for the
T4G conference and seminary visit I would be try to be there!

-Chelsea "Owen" Sheffield

Jeff Crawford said...

Thanks for reading and the encouragement. The best thing about Helping Hand is that it doesn't involve ME at all:)

Chelsea! So happy for you and Chad. Bless you both mightily. The April 11 Christian/Muslim "dialogue" over the person and work of Jesus is going to be awesome.

JMart said...

Since Kay is my awesome aunt, I get to hear stories like this fairly regularly, but they never get old. What a Savior we have, that He can bless and encourage so many through a pair of boots!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud to be a part of this ministry. I worked the closet Monday night and do not remember those boots being on the table when I left. Our God is so awesome. I spent many years being told "ask an you shall recieve" and through HH I have learned just how truthful those words are. Brother Bill,(cant walk in the building without thinking about him) Kay, Mike, Tom, I could go on an on about the Godly folks that work that closet. It's more than just helping the needy, its fellowship, love, an most of all, its the sharing of our God and his works. I am blessed to be a part of such a WONDERFUL organzation.