Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aaron Rodgers Versus Aaron Rodgers

Will the real Aaron Rodgers please stand up?? Okay, this is just too good to not pass on. I am not sure if it fits into the category of good, bad, or ugly, but it is definitely funny.

Our student pastor at Grand is Aaron Rodgers. NOT to be confused with the other Aaron Rodgers, who is the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. But apparently it is confusing for many people. Our Aaron Rodgers (the student pastor) is an active user of Twitter. His Twitter name is @AaronRodgers. Since his name is spelled exactly the same as the other Aaron Rodgers (the Green Bay Packers football player), our Aaron (the student pastor) gets some pretty interesting @ replies from people who think he is the football Aaron Rodgers. Sundays during the Packers games are the most interesting times as people think they are Tweeting to the football Aaron Rodgers but they are really sending their Tweets to the student pastor Aaron Rodgers. Here is a censored sample. Needless to say we had a great time with all this in our staff meeting this week.

#AaronRodgers is gonna be my babydaddy

#$&^*@! Aaron Rodgers can SO hit it. :-X #AaronRodgers @AaronRodgers

#MikeVick can %^&**#! #AaronRodgers all the way baby!!!

@AaronRodgers is fast becoming a football god!

Fantasy draft is done. Time to bring it @aaronrodgers mama needs a new purse

hahaha @Aaronrodgers has a twitter account!!!! and its approved!!!!! following- check

I knew the time would come when we had to lose our QB..I'm just so friggen happy he was replaced with @aaronrodgers

@AaronRodgers Your swag rating on Madden is 83, 5th highest on the team. Thoughts?


Kristen Rodgers said...

I am laughing so hard right now...Thanks for this!

Whitney said...

I laughed the whole time I read this. Thanks, Jeff!