Monday, September 20, 2010

The Power of Thank You

One of our staff pastors, Steve Moore, caught me last week and shared the story of a GPS home visit that was made by one of our members to a lady who had visited our church. This lady had come to our church for the first time and ended up in one of our senior adult Bible study classes. When the home visiting team went to her house she was so excited to see them and told them how welcome our church made her feel. People took time to shake her hand, introduce themselves and ask her what her name was. And then just a day or two later, she received a card in the mail from this class just saying “Thank You” for coming to visit our church. This lady could not believe the sentiment. She lives in a small home and her television is broken. But she took the Thank You note and placed it on top of her TV so that she can see it every time she sits on the sofa. She said it makes her feel happy and special.

The power of Thank You and the power of Small Group. Churches always have a goal of growth, we want to get bigger because that means more people are coming to know Christ and growing as disciples. But the larger a church becomes the smaller it must become as well. Small groups are where the action really takes place in a church. It’s where friendships are made, it’s where people don’t just hear that they are special but where they experience it.

If you’re not in a church, find one. If you have a church family, but are not connected to a small group of some kind, find one. And no matter where you are on your journey towards or with Christ, remember the importance of gratitude and the power of a simple Thank You.

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