Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mission Tanzania - Day 2

Today was a wonderful and LONG day. We began by driving to a new area in the south Pare mountains called Chome. We learned today why the Pare people are's because it is VERY VERY difficult to acutally get to them! We drove an extremely treacherous mountain road for almost an hour just to get to Chome. Without a 4 wheel drive vehicle it would have been virtually impossible to reach this place. This is extremely remote country. What we found was a high altitude mountain valley teaming with people and farm land. Our goal was to connect with the local leader and gain his permission to walk the village. We could not find the main government appointed official BUT we just happened, or maybe it was God:) to run upon two local leaders one of which was the elected leader of the area. We spent a bit of time talking with him and he gave us the permission we needed. BUT then he went on to offer us a plot of land for a future church building AND he offered us a temporary building for rent. God is good! We spent the next several hours prayer walking the villages of the area and making our presence known. We have set the stage for a return trip tomorrow when we will hopefully be able to go into homes and talk with people.

We spent the afternoon in the area known as Mwembe where Scott has seen the first church of his missionary work planted. We ate a mid-afternoon lunch of goat stew, cucumbers, oranges, and rice. We were treated well in the mud-brick home of one of the church members. We then surveyed some land for a new church building because this new church has already outgrown the building they are renting. We ended the day with an impromptu worship service in the Mwembe church. It was GREAT. Richard and Jeff Carnell shared their tesimonies and a man named Hosea, who works for Scott, translated. Lots of songs were sung to the beat of a drum (which was really a plastic tub). Frank Ward needs to know that I got to sit on the new church benches that he provided! This is a very happy church and the love of Jesus is evident. I will hopefully preach here on Sunday.

Please keep praying for our team. Tomorrow will be a BIG day as we return to Chome. We need for God to grant us favor and lead us to the homes of people who will listen to our story - the story of Jesus.


PS - Today is Scott and Jennifer's 15th wedding anniversary!

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Ron Morris said...

What a blessing and a privilege to go and spread the word of God to such an amazing place, and to meet such amazing people. Your team is in my prayers. God has such an amazing way of connecting people.