Friday, August 7, 2009

Mission Tanzania - Day 3

GREAT GREAT day! Our day started early when we were awakened by the "laugh" of a Bush Baby (a type of monkey) outside the window of our hotel. Just another reminder that we are a long way from home.

We made the difficult trek back to the area known as Chome. It is hard to put into words how difficult it is to get to this area. The road is so poor that when we arrive, it feels like we've gone 15 rounds with Mike Tyson. There are three villages in Chome. We walked one of the villages yesterday and our goal was to get into the other two today. As luck would have it - or MAYBE it was God:) - we ran into the leaders of each village. We were invited to the goverment buildings where we explained why we were there and that we wanted to start a church. We were given permission to do what we needed to do. This is HUGE. The entire area, all three villages, are now secure and open for the gospel. Our next goal was to find a place for Fanuel to rent so that he can move to Chome and work the area. Scott will provide support and after we are gone, they will come back in with tracts, show the Jesus film, and then find a place for a church to meet. God led us to a place that Fanuel can live. It was a good place for a good price for him to rent. The initial groundwork is done and we feel good.

We returned to Mwembe around 2:30 and ate lunch in the same church member's home as yesterday. We had Friday worship services and Joey was able to share his testimony. He did a FABULOUS job. A real homerun. I was invited to preach and I used Galatians 1:1-5 as my text to encourage and challenge this new church. I was informed that the church had drafted a letter that they will give me to return home with. It is a letter from there church to Grand Avenue Baptist Church. Exciting stuff!

It was a very long day - lots of driving, walking, praying, and sweet results.

Tomorrow we will plan to spend the day working with the new church in Mwembe. We plan to assist with a local soccer match and Jeff Carnell will do a martial arts demonstration out of which we will present the gospel.

Please keep the prayers coming. We are all in good health and excellent spirits. It is a HUGE blessing to be able to return to Scott and Jennifer's home for dinner each evening and to just relax and play with there three boys.

More tomorrow.


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Scott said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Sounds like God is doing some great things. Praying for you and the crew while you're there and for safe return. See you soon.